It is your choice of when where how and how long we will entertain and exercise or simply accompany your pet. You choose whether you prefer to have your dog walk and play in a pack or individually and whether you would like to have your doggie lose some weight or simply offer him some time for a casual relief lunch break.
Our clients pet service schedules vary, they can be - Monday to Friday or even on the weekends, every second day, every Wednesday, while you are away, or once in a while as a treat etc. We will leave a note after each visit for you or alternatively drop an email confirming that everything went well including any observations we might have made.
Before we start we come and meet with you and your pet for a quick (and free of course) chat to find out what you need and tailor a package to suit you.
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We are based in Beldon
and service the areas of
Mullaloo, Hillarys, Ocean Reef, Kallaroo, Craigie, Padbury, Sorrento, Joondalup, Heathridge, Connolly, Edgewater, Woodvale, Kingsley.
1 on 1 Individual Dog Walking
1 on 1 Individual Dog Exercise / Dog Workout
Pet home visit
Day trip or full day entertainment
Dog relief break visit
Walk and Play in a pack
Dog Walking / Dog Exercising
We can take your dog to the animal exercise beach, the local off-leash park or walk him around the block on-leash. Your choice. We will make sure that your dog will have an entertaining yet healthy time playing, sniffing, interacting with other dogs and people, and returns home safely tired and content and with a big smile.
If you want us to visit your cat or other pets in the convenience of your own home, spend some time with them, feed them and making sure water is fresh and toilet is clean, no problem. We can offer complementary services such as watering your plants, taking out the rubbish bins, bringing in the mail and opening and closing curtains when you are away on holiday. We can even do the shopping for you and your pet if you want.
We can take your pet to and from the vet, airport, pet hotel etc. in case you are unable to or prefer us to undertake the transportation in our large acclimatised car.
As an additional service we can offer high quality photos of your pets (possibly with yourself) as a decoration for your home, as a memory or in order to share with your family and friends.
We have the right equipment and experience to create great memories for yourself or your family. This can be a great present as well. Speak to us to explore unlimited options and occasions.
Contact us to tailor your individual solution
Finally, if you feel you need exercise yourself e.g. you are not able to keep up with the pace your dog is setting, we are even able to work out a fitness program for yourself so that you can carry out that team fitness program with your dog yourself whenever we are not around.
Pet taxi
Contact us to tailor your individual solution
Pet Sitting / Pet Minding