About Us
We gave up our careers in Sydney in order to realise our dream living in WA and working with animals, helping pet owners ensuring their beloved companions are getting sufficient entertainment, care and exercise while they are away working or on holiday.

We love pets and most importantly they seem to love us :) Hence we decided to dedicate our time completely to them, offering entertainment and exercise during the day when they are usually alone and bored or even stressed due to a lack of attention and activity.
We are young, fit, keen on walking or running or swimming or bicycling with your dog, whatever is the program you have in mind suiting your dog’s breed, size, age and desire. We can set up a tailored plan for the specific need of your dog.

We are different to other services offered because your pets will be taken care of exclusively by the two of us, Carlotta and Andy. We are not planning to grow the business to an extent that we will have to employ people and extend the territory largely. We aim at covering a region we can service within minutes. That means we can be there and satisfy your needs even spontaneously. We can help bringing your pet to the vet or simply joining them in case of emergencies or difficult situations. We will not drive your dogs around for longer than required as distances to e.g. the Mullaloo dog exercise beach will be short.

We aim at developing a relationship with your pets and yourself, built on trust and sympathy. Your pet will get to know us personally and seeing us come back regularly. This is especially important for those pets that may be considered shy or even socially “difficult”.
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About Us
We are based in Beldon
and service the areas of
Mullaloo, Hillarys, Ocean Reef, Kallaroo, Craigie, Padbury, Sorrento, Joondalup, Heathridge, Connolly, Edgewater, Woodvale, Kingsley.
About Us